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Fee Recipient

The fee recipient

Whenever a guardian is changed, a fee recipient is designated. The fee recipient could be one of the following depending on the use case:
  • The guardian
  • A designated wallet by the guardian
  • The Aera treasury
  • etc.

How to claim fees

The fee recipient can claim fees using claim at any point.

When to claim fees

Fees accumulate as a proportion of the vault holdings. Note that this proportion is not “marked” when the client withdraws or deposits to the treasury. Instead it will result in a forced claim. We recommend fee recipients to be claiming small accumulated fee amounts frequently for the following reasons:
  • The client may decide to withdraw/deposit, forcing a claim at an inconvenient time
  • At a large enough accumulated fee level the client may feel like you are using the vault to manage your own capital

Trust model

It's assumed that the guardian trusts and is incentivized to help the fee recipient. In particular, the guardian will generally try to maintain sufficient reserves of the fee token so that the fee recipient can always claim what is earned.