Aera is a treasury management protocol that attempts to address existing shortcomings with controlling treasury funds. Aera supports:
  • Robust Asset Selection No need to plan strategies. Just pick an objective and assets you would like to include.
  • Efficient Purchasing Remove bureaucracy from DAOs.
  • Decentralized Active Management Market aware & tailored to your protocol.
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Aera V2

Aera V1 was launched and tested in 2022 as a way to adjust a 2-asset portfolio to mitigate risk exposure. This documentation describes Version 2, an updated iteration of the smart contracts to be launched in 2023. To read more about Aera V1, we recommend reading the whitepaper and the V1 archive below:


Learn about how to interact with Aera whether as a direct user (Treasury), Arbitrageur or to earn rewards as a Vault Guardian.
Use Aera to protect your users from shortfalls.
Become a Treasury Vault Guardian.
Receive fees from Aera vaults.
Build on top of Aera.

Key Concepts

Learn how the Aera system protects treasuries.
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